Fish-Work in Regards Magazine

December 6th, 2013

Régards Magazine from France published a portfolio of my Fish-Work series in their Autumne 2013 issue – out now. Books available for purchase at

Photo: Corey Arnold

Photos: Corey Arnold

Photos: Corey Arnold

Photos: Corey Arnold

Orion Magazine Finnmark Love

December 5th, 2013

Photo of Finnmark, Norway by Corey Arnold.

Photo of Finnmark, Norway by Corey Arnold.

Orion Magazine recently published an image I shot on the road in Finnmark, Norway a while back.  If you’ve never read Orion, its time.  You won’t regret it! Above is the contents spread in the Nov/December 2013 issue out now.

SEE FOOD at HCP with Corey Arnold

The December holiday issue of Saveur magazine is out on the newstands now.  They featured a story I wrote about my crabbing days in the Bering Sea aboard the f/v Rollo along with 7 pages of photos including a couple never before seen images.  It was a great experience working with one of my favorite food mags.  Happy T- Givin!

Saveur Magazine

Saveur Magazine

Photo by Corey Arnold

Photo by Corey Arnold

Photos by Corey Arnold

Photos by Corey Arnold

Photo by Corey Arnold

Photo by Corey Arnold

Photo by Corey Arnold

Photo by Corey Arnold (not the food)


I’m honored to be selected to take part in the exhibition SEE FOOD, curated by Natalie Zelt opening next week at the Houston Center for Photography.  Several photos from my Fish-Work series will on display along with many fine photographers listed below.  Sadly, I will not be in attendance, but if anyone takes some snaps at the opening, please send them my way!

Horse Mackerel Assault, 2010, 20x27 inches. photo: Corey Arnold

Horse Mackerel Assault, 2010, 20×27 inches. photo: Corey Arnold

See Food: Contemporary Photography and the Ways We Eat
Curated by Natalie Zelt
On View: November 22, 2013 – January 12, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, November 22nd from 6-8pm
Curators Remarks: Friday, November 22nd at 5:30pm
Roundtable Discussion: Saturday, November 23rd at 12pm

Our appetite for food imagery is voracious. The popularity of cooking programs, foodie blogs, and pictures of food on social media reflects some of the ways our current encounters with food and food issues have become increasingly visual. Food trucks, farmers markets, and community gardens have redesigned the urban food-scape. When mediated through the lens of a camera, our cultural relationship with food is transformed into a complex single-sensory engagement that is guided by sight but charged with personal, political, and sensual associations. The eleven artists in See Food experiment with this visual investment in the power of food by exploring both its formal qualities and its cultural relevance.

Mark Menjivar, Emily Peacock, and Emily Sloan look to food as a raw expression of identity and personal taste, while others, such as Jonathan Blaustein and Nolan Calisch, use food to challenge the current modes and costs of industrial production and suggest alternative commercial models.  By fusing food to plate, Damaris Booth’s ceramic sculptures play with the ephemeral nature of leftovers and consider how quickly a desired dish becomes refuse.  In Andrzej Maciejewski‘s modern take on sixteenth-century Flemish paintings, fruits and vegetables are catalogued, certified, and labeled to adhere to a standardized definition of nature. These artists create images that are both still lifes and portraits, indicative of their individual experiences and engagements with the meaning of food today.

For Nolan Calisch, David Welch, Christin Boggs, and Corey Arnold, the camera records a tactile encounter with food, either on the farm, in the field, or at sea, while Jody Horton uses cookbooks and narrative forms to highlight contemporary means of hunting and gathering. More documentary in approach, these photographers illustrate a growing cultural interest in knowing food at its source.

All of these artworks highlight a uniquely visual relationship with food, reflecting a variety of ways photographs inform how we picture food and see ourselves.

-Natalie Zelt, Curator

Participating Artists:
Corey Arnold (Portland, OR)
Jonathan Blaustein (Arroyo Hondo, NM)
Christin Boggs (Washington, D.C.)
Damaris Booth (London, England)
Nolan Calisch (Portland, OR)
Jody Horton (Austin, TX)
Andrzej Maciejewski (Ontario, Canada)
Mark Menjivar (San Antonio, TX)
Emily Peacock (Houston, TX)
Emily Sloan (Houston, TX)
David Welch (Martha’s Vineyard, MA)

This past summer I went cage diving with great white sharks aboard the FV Islander based out of San Diego. We spent 5 days trying to prevent our arms from turning into bloody stumps while admiring the crystal clear tuna filled waters around Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Every year, from June to November, over 150 sharks pass through the area which is about a 20 hour steam from the U.S./Mexico border. Read the article on Sunset Magazine’s website. Here are some outtakes from the trip:

Great White Shark, Guadalupe Island. Photo: Corey Arnold

Yellowfin Tuna, Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Photo: Corey Arnold

Tommy Wirkola and Pål Sverre, shark connoisseurs. Photo: Corey Arnold

Norwegian/Hollywood director Tommy Wirkola and Norwegian actor Pål Sverre just happened to be along for the ride!

Pod of dolphins, Guadalupe Island. Photo: Corey Arnold

If you missed the July issue here are the spreads:

Photo: Corey Arnold

Photo: Corey Arnold

Photo: Corey Arnold

Instagram posted a recent interview about my Project Pressure sponsored journey to Svalbard in September, where I spent 3 weeks documenting the glacial landscape. You can find the interview here.

Photo by Corey Arnold. Ice Cave in Svalbard for Project Pressure.

Instagram had this to say about my current work with Project Pressure in Svalbard:

When not on the road or in the air, Corey Arnold (@arni_coraldo) spends his days captaining a commercial salmon fishing vessel in Bristol Bay, Alaska. For about five months each year, however, Corey is dispatched to photograph some of the coldest and most remote corners of the globe. When packing for his expeditions, Corey always leaves room for his iPhone and uses Instagram to share a window into his travels. “Instagram has been a great way to post a behind the scenes look at my life on the road.” Recently, Corey spent several weeks in Svalbard, Norway, documenting glaciers for @projectpressure, a non-profit creating an interactive glacier archive to better understand climate change. “Mountains of sheer rock rise straight up from the sea surrounded by endless miles of calving glaciers. Meanwhile reindeer, arctic, foxes and polar bears roam the shores.” Read more about Corey at, and follow his adventures on Instagram: @arni_coraldo.

A childhood photo of mine, accompanied by text on my photography beginnings documenting fishing adventures with my dad, are included in the group exhibition EARLY WORKS curated by Laura Moya and Laura Valenti Jelen. Previously shown at the Newspace Center for Photography in April, the show has moved down to the RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco, opening October 17th 6-8pm thru November 17th. The exhibition includes works of photographer’s earliest childhood experiments with a camera accompanied by stories. Here is a link to the online exhibition.

Photo : Corey Arnold circa 1987

Artists include: Roger BallenDouglas BeasleySteven BecklySheri Lynn BehrLori BellJesse BurkeRichard S. ChowJoseph DeissMaureen DrennanDeena FeinbergGloria Baker FeinsteinRich Frishman, Michael JangZoltan JokayAnn KendellenLewis KochHannah KozakVarese LayzerPhoebe LickwarJim LommassonAnne Leighton MassoniDavid PaceStephen PerloffJaime PermuthAlexis PikeJordan ReznickTrix RosenT. ScottJack SemuraFrederick Sharpe,Marsha StewartStephanie WilliamsonCharlyn Zlotnik

Recently I was nominated for a LEAD Academy award in Germany for the Photo Reportage of the Year Award for the publishing of my Fish-Work Series in MARE Magazine and also in DUMMY magazine in 2012.  The Lead Awards are the top honors in Germany for this kind of work. As one of 3 finalists, the work was included in an exhibition at the beautiful House of Photography in Hamburg. The show is up through October and the awards will be given out September 13th.  You can see my wall in the photo below, second to left. Very nice honor, thanks Germany!

Visual Leader 2013, House of Photography in Hamburg. photo: Henning Rogge

Visual Leader 2013

The Best of Magazine and Internet Photography, Advertising, Online, and Editorial Design – Showcasing Creative Talent.
July 27-October 13, 2013
House of Photography
Hamburg, Germany

Brooklyn based Photo Industries recently curated a selection from my Fish-Work Bering Sea series for an exhibition on one of the East River Ferries in New York City.  Here is a link to the show. The show was up and came down in July while I was off in Alaska but here are a few pics!  Thanks to Sam Barzilay for the invitation.

Drawn to Water - East River Ferry - photos: Corey Arnold

I’m off to Bristol Bay, Alaska catch Sockeye Salmon until late July, followed by a Kvichak River / Lake Iliamna expedition to explore the waters that may be affected by the proposed Pebble Mine.  I’ll be Instagramming live from Naknek, Alaska for the New Yorker Magazine from June 9-16 and finishing up the images for my forthcoming book entitled Graveyard Point.  My instagram handle is arni_coraldo and the New Yorker can be found at newyorkermag. Naknek will be bustling with characters and fishermen gearing up for the Sockeye season at that time, if anyone up there wants a crew photo, shoot me an email at with your boat name and direction to the yard in Naknek or King Salmon you are located at.

Torsken Crew, Graveyard Point. photo: Corey Arnold

Smith Crew, Graveyard Point. Photo: Corey Arnold

The Mud Set. Photo: Corey Arnold

Trust Fall, Graveyard Point. photo: Corey Arnold

Harlan's Cabin, Graveyard Point. photo: Corey Arnold

ZUPI Brazil

June 5th, 2013

Coming your way from Brazil, ZUPI #34! Excited to have a 4 page selection of Fish-Work included in this lovely little art mag.

ZUPI #34, Spain.

ZUPI #34, Brazil. Photo: Corey Arnold.

EXIT #49, an art magazine based in Madrid, Spain included a 9 page spread of images from  Fish-Work as well as the Fishing With My Dad series. This is a really beautiful mag.  Thanks ya’ll. Below are a few sample spreads.  The crotch cover shot is not mine.

EXIT #49, Spain.

EXIT #49, Spain. Photos: Corey Arnold.

EXIT #49, Spain. Photo: Corey Arnold.


A selection of 12 Fish-Work images from over the years will be on display at this weekend’s 35th annual Mountain Film Festival in Telluride.  I’m honored to  have been invited by a great photographer and Telluride local Drew Ludwig. My work will be on display at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art and the opening is Friday, May 24th 3:30-6:30.  The festival is on from May 24-27.  Going to be a nuts weekend of good times.

Mt. Film Festival Telluride. photo: Melissa Plantz

This winter I gave an interview with Victor Schiferli for Dutch photography magazine SHUTR #02. The 12 page spread includes some real Fish Work classics! Thrilled to be included.

SHUTR Fotomagazine #02, Netherlands.

SHUTR Fotomagazine #02, Netherlands. Photo: Corey Arnold.

SHUTR Fotomagazine #02, Netherlands. Photo: Corey Arnold.


A couple weeks back, The New Yorker sent me to Alameda, California to photograph the man behind several amazing kite powered projects in the works.  Don Montague is one of the founding innovators of windsurfing and kiteboarding.  He is also the founder/CEO of Makani Power, a startup that has developed a hi tech power generating kite.  I spent the day with Don and the Makani Power engineers, then headed out for a spin around San Francisco Bay on another one of Don’s inventions/experiments: the kiteboat. Imagine a trimaran hydrofoil with a huge kitesurfing type kite pulling us at 30 knots around the bay. Needless to say, photographing at that speed was a mess, but the whole experience was the highlight of my spring. Attached are some outtakes from the shoot and here is a link to a behind the scenes gallery by Betsy Pfeiffer including GoPro shots from the kite and the boat during the trip. Thanks to Betsy and also to Andrea Dunlap for the behind the scenes Makani Power photos. “Inherit the Wind”, the story written by Michael Spector can be found in the May 20, 2013 issue of The New Yorker.

Don Montague and Makani Power. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

Don Montague at the Makani Power radio control tower. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

Don Montague and the Makani Power Kite. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine.

Don Montague and Makani Power. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

Kiteboat Team. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

GoPro shot from the kiteboat kite during our trip.

Don Montague aboard his Kiteboat in SF Bay. Photo: Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

View of the Kiteboat hydrofoil in San Francisco bay. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

That's me on the bow trying to hold on to dear life with my feet while under tow. Photo: Betsy Pfeiffer

photo: Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

One of my photographs from a trip to the Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon is out now in AFAR Magazine, the May 2013 issue.

Heather's Walk, top photo by Corey Arnold for Afar Magazine.

with Heather Treadway

If you ever watched the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, then you are surely familiar with the f/v Northwestern captained by the infamous Sig Hansen. Some years ago, the story of the Northwestern appeared on the market in book form entitled “North by Northwestern” written by Mark Sundeen. Recently, a German translation edition was released by Ankerherz Verlag. Ankerherz chose a portfolio of my Fish-Work Bering Sea series to illustrate the book which also includes a lengthy interview with me by Holger Gertz a journalist with Süddeutsche Zeitung.  The design of the book is absolutely beautiful… and appears more that of an art book, then a biography of the most famous fishing family on Television.  Thanks to Stefan and Julia Krücken for including my work in the project. Here are some select spreads from the book. You can buy the book online directly from the publisher here.

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Ankerhertz Verlag

On the wall thru May 19th at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University in Wisconsin is a beautiful curation of images that includes my print  ”The North Sea” 39×56 inches. The install shot is pictured below next to photographs by Tina Barney, Carlo Van de Roer, and Asako Narahashi.

Dark Blue at the Haggerty Museum of Art


This month I’ve got the cover and a 15 page spread of Fish-Work images in the German art and culture magazine named Dummy #37.  Thanks to Brian Greer, the engineer of the f/v Rollo, who has once again shown up on a magazine cover without his permission:).  I have no idea how the writing is but this is a beautiful magazine and I’m really happy with how the spreads turned out.  Thanks.

Brian Greer

Dummy Magazine Issue #37. Cover photo by Corey Arnold

Also included in the mag is work from Chris Jordan. Amazing and disturbing images of Albatross carcasses found on Midway atoll that were completely filled with discarded plastic bits.