Fish-Work on display at the House of Photography in Hamburg

Recently I was nominated for a LEAD Academy award in Germany for the Photo Reportage of the Year Award for the publishing of my Fish-Work Series in MARE Magazine and also in DUMMY magazine in 2012.  The Lead Awards are the top honors in Germany for this kind of work. As one of 3 finalists, the work was included in an exhibition at the beautiful House of Photography in Hamburg. The show is up through October and the awards will be given out September 13th.  You can see my wall in the photo below, second to left. Very nice honor, thanks Germany!

Visual Leader 2013, House of Photography in Hamburg. photo: Henning Rogge

Visual Leader 2013

The Best of Magazine and Internet Photography, Advertising, Online, and Editorial Design – Showcasing Creative Talent.
July 27-October 13, 2013
House of Photography
Hamburg, Germany

Drawn to Water – Exhibition on the East River Ferry – NYC

Brooklyn based Photo Industries recently curated a selection from my Fish-Work Bering Sea series for an exhibition on one of the East River Ferries in New York City.  Here is a link to the show. The show was up and came down in July while I was off in Alaska but here are a few pics!  Thanks to Sam Barzilay for the invitation.

Drawn to Water - East River Ferry - photos: Corey Arnold

Instagramming for the New Yorker Mag live from Alaska!

I’m off to Bristol Bay, Alaska catch Sockeye Salmon until late July, followed by a Kvichak River / Lake Iliamna expedition to explore the waters that may be affected by the proposed Pebble Mine.  I’ll be Instagramming live from Naknek, Alaska for the New Yorker Magazine from June 9-16 and finishing up the images for my forthcoming book entitled Graveyard Point.  My instagram handle is arni_coraldo and the New Yorker can be found at newyorkermag. Naknek will be bustling with characters and fishermen gearing up for the Sockeye season at that time, if anyone up there wants a crew photo, shoot me an email at with your boat name and direction to the yard in Naknek or King Salmon you are located at.

Torsken Crew, Graveyard Point. photo: Corey Arnold

Smith Crew, Graveyard Point. Photo: Corey Arnold

The Mud Set. Photo: Corey Arnold

Trust Fall, Graveyard Point. photo: Corey Arnold

Harlan's Cabin, Graveyard Point. photo: Corey Arnold

EXIT Art Magazine from Spain

EXIT #49, an art magazine based in Madrid, Spain included a 9 page spread of images from  Fish-Work as well as the Fishing With My Dad series. This is a really beautiful mag.  Thanks ya’ll. Below are a few sample spreads.  The crotch cover shot is not mine.

EXIT #49, Spain.

EXIT #49, Spain. Photos: Corey Arnold.

EXIT #49, Spain. Photo: Corey Arnold.


Fish-Work Exhibition at the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride

A selection of 12 Fish-Work images from over the years will be on display at this weekend’s 35th annual Mountain Film Festival in Telluride.  I’m honored to  have been invited by a great photographer and Telluride local Drew Ludwig. My work will be on display at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art and the opening is Friday, May 24th 3:30-6:30.  The festival is on from May 24-27.  Going to be a nuts weekend of good times.

Mt. Film Festival Telluride. photo: Melissa Plantz

Dutch Photography Magazine SHUTR #02

This winter I gave an interview with Victor Schiferli for Dutch photography magazine SHUTR #02. The 12 page spread includes some real Fish Work classics! Thrilled to be included.

SHUTR Fotomagazine #02, Netherlands.

SHUTR Fotomagazine #02, Netherlands. Photo: Corey Arnold.

SHUTR Fotomagazine #02, Netherlands. Photo: Corey Arnold.


Kite Power for the New Yorker Magazine!

A couple weeks back, The New Yorker sent me to Alameda, California to photograph the man behind several amazing kite powered projects in the works.  Don Montague is one of the founding innovators of windsurfing and kiteboarding.  He is also the founder/CEO of Makani Power, a startup that has developed a hi tech power generating kite.  I spent the day with Don and the Makani Power engineers, then headed out for a spin around San Francisco Bay on another one of Don’s inventions/experiments: the kiteboat. Imagine a trimaran hydrofoil with a huge kitesurfing type kite pulling us at 30 knots around the bay. Needless to say, photographing at that speed was a mess, but the whole experience was the highlight of my spring. Attached are some outtakes from the shoot and here is a link to a behind the scenes gallery by Betsy Pfeiffer including GoPro shots from the kite and the boat during the trip. Thanks to Betsy and also to Andrea Dunlap for the behind the scenes Makani Power photos. “Inherit the Wind”, the story written by Michael Spector can be found in the May 20, 2013 issue of The New Yorker.

Don Montague and Makani Power. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

Don Montague at the Makani Power radio control tower. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

Don Montague and the Makani Power Kite. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine.

Don Montague and Makani Power. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

Kiteboat Team. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

GoPro shot from the kiteboat kite during our trip.

Don Montague aboard his Kiteboat in SF Bay. Photo: Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

View of the Kiteboat hydrofoil in San Francisco bay. Photo by Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

That's me on the bow trying to hold on to dear life with my feet while under tow. Photo: Betsy Pfeiffer

photo: Corey Arnold for the New Yorker Magazine

The Painted Hills in the May 2013 issue of Afar Magazine

One of my photographs from a trip to the Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon is out now in AFAR Magazine, the May 2013 issue.

Heather's Walk, top photo by Corey Arnold for Afar Magazine.

with Heather Treadway

Northwestern book (German Edition)

If you ever watched the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, then you are surely familiar with the f/v Northwestern captained by the infamous Sig Hansen. Some years ago, the story of the Northwestern appeared on the market in book form entitled “North by Northwestern” written by Mark Sundeen. Recently, a German translation edition was released by Ankerherz Verlag. Ankerherz chose a portfolio of my Fish-Work Bering Sea series to illustrate the book which also includes a lengthy interview with me by Holger Gertz a journalist with Süddeutsche Zeitung.  The design of the book is absolutely beautiful… and appears more that of an art book, then a biography of the most famous fishing family on Television.  Thanks to Stefan and Julia Krücken for including my work in the project. Here are some select spreads from the book. You can buy the book online directly from the publisher here.

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Northwestern Book by Ankerherz Verlag. Photo: Corey Arnold

Ankerhertz Verlag

Dark Blue: The Water as Protagonist

On the wall thru May 19th at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University in Wisconsin is a beautiful curation of images that includes my print  “The North Sea” 39×56 inches. The install shot is pictured below next to photographs by Tina Barney, Carlo Van de Roer, and Asako Narahashi.

Dark Blue at the Haggerty Museum of Art


Fish-Work featured in Dummy Magazine Germany

This month I’ve got the cover and a 15 page spread of Fish-Work images in the German art and culture magazine named Dummy #37.  Thanks to Brian Greer, the engineer of the f/v Rollo, who has once again shown up on a magazine cover without his permission:).  I have no idea how the writing is but this is a beautiful magazine and I’m really happy with how the spreads turned out.  Thanks.

Brian Greer

Dummy Magazine Issue #37. Cover photo by Corey Arnold

Also included in the mag is work from Chris Jordan. Amazing and disturbing images of Albatross carcasses found on Midway atoll that were completely filled with discarded plastic bits.

Epic Tuna trip in San Diego for FishFeed

I grew up near San Diego, California and spent my early years obsessively sportfishing with my dad. When the tuna were in, we’d often book trips on “party boats” out of San Diego which consist of about 30 or so guys drinking a lot of beer and fishing nonstop for 16 hours in a day.  It had been a long while since I’d thrown a sardine on a kelp patty, and so last August, my dad and I along with my childhood best friend Nathan Thiele, and my buddy Frank Banks set out to sea on a 1.5 day trip into Mexican waters about the f/v Legend out of Seaforth Landing. The trip ended up being one of the best party boat experiences of my life with nonstop Dorado, Yellowtail, and Bluefin Tuna flying over the rail. My freezer is still packed with filets.

Frank Banks with a nice Mahi, photo: Corey Arnold

Frank just launched an iphone app called FISHFEED, that I think is going to revolutionize how fishermen get their information and share photos of their catch with friends. My mission was not only to catch a ton of fish, hang with my dad and reunite with old friends, but to document a taste of what fishing in San Diego is all about for the release of the new FishFeed app.  If you like Instagram, and you are into fishing, please download this app so we can all nerd out on our fishing pictures together. FishFeed is free, you can even upload video clips.  Download it here

The following photos are excerpts from the trip:

Frenzy for Bait, photo: Corey Arnold

Sliding up on a big kelp patty. photo: Corey Arnold

Fishing for Mahi Mahi, Bluefin Tuna, and Yellowtail works like this:  This time of year, we were fishing around 50 miles offshore in Mexican waters. You basically troll around at 8 knots or so in search of kelp patties.  Patties are large rafts of dead kelp that have broken away from inshore waters.  Beneath these floating shelters may live a who school of fish that are following warm water currents heading North.  Its pretty exciting to slide up to a patty, and throw a live bait in the water.  You never know what might be down there.

Everyone hooked up at once, photo: Corey Arnold

On our first patty, everyone on the boat hooked up at once! It was amazing.  Mahi and Yellowtail bloodied the decks in every direction.  The rest of the day went like this.  Every patty we stopped on held fish.  So many, that we would only stay on patties that held larger fish.

Noontime nap, photo: Corey Arnold

Frank Banks about to land a huge Mahi and slap it on FishFeed. photo" Corey Arnold

Nathan Thiele and Corey Arnold with Yellowtail and Mahi Mahi, photo: Frank Banks

Nice to reunite with my fishing buddy, Nathan Thiele.  We hadn’t fished together since the 80’s.

Dad and Nathan, Photo: Corey Arnold

Similarly great to reunite on a boat with my dad.

Yellowtail coming over the rail. Photo: Corey Arnold

This guy was some kind of Mustache champion.  He also could not stop catching the biggest fish on the boat.

Dolphin Watching, photo: Corey Arnold

Dorado at gaff, photo: Corey Arnold

Dolphin being a Dolphin in the distance, photo: Corey Arnold

Bluefin Tuna arrived in the night! photo: Corey Arnold

Sometime after dark we found the coveted Bluefin Tuna hangout and Ahi started flying over the rail.  I landed two of them which was icing on the cake.

Untangling a Blue Shark before release. photo: Corey Arnold

Don’t be alarmed, this shark made it back in the water alive.  Those things are mighty resilient.

Frank Banks, Nathan Thiele, Chris Arnold, Corey Arnold in San Diego photo: Corey Arnold

Nathan and I had 27 fish between just the two of us. Such an amazing trip.  Thanks to the fine captain and crew of the f/v Legend and Frank at FishFeed for sponsoring the trip.  We’ll be back next year for sure!

NY Times Lens Blog features Graveyard Point

As far as photography blogs go, the New York Times Lens Blog has always been my first choice for finding inspirational new photography.  I’m honored to have recently been showcased on the blog. The accompanying text written by Jesse Newman is spot on in summing up how we live as salmon fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska… as well as the details of my life photographing and fishing at the same time. Thanks.


coreyfishes shark fin salmon NY Times Corey Arnold photography press

Corey Arnold featured on NY Times Lens Blog / Jan 21, 2013

Dark Blue: Water as Protagonist at the Haggerty Museum of Art

I’ve been included in a new photography exhibition at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin opening on January 16, 2012… and grateful to be included among dozens of my favorite photographers.  If you end up in the Wisconsin, please send me some snaps!!

Twilight, Gregory Crewdson, Corey Arnold

Twilight, photo by Gregory Crewdson

Dark Blue: Water as Protagonist

January 16- May 19, 2013

For the past 8,000 years, artists have depicted human engagement with water. Initial images depicted the act of swimming; later, water served as a formal element that determined presence of place. The photographers included in this exhibition utilize water as an active element, making pictures that are, at their core, psychological engagements. Multifaceted and ever evolving, the water holds universal appeal. It is this mutable quality that transforms water into the literal and metaphorical container for a variety of profound meanings and desires, evolving human behaviors and dramas, and constructed narratives of self.

At once familiar to us all and yet completely unknowable, the water is a paradox. It is often perceived as a restorative element, an essential means to health and happiness. Yet, at the same time, it is a force formidable for its ubiquitous potential to threaten life. The exhibition explores water as a capable tabula rasa: it is both picturesque and repellant, conveys dreams or depicts catastrophic events, exists in a simulated environment or in unadulterated form, is experienced personally or as a voyeur, holds promise or signals disaster.

This exhibition is comprised of works from the museum’s permanent collection and select loans, and includes photographs by Kael Alford, Diane Arbus, Corey Arnold, Tina Barney, Virginia Beahan and Laura McPhee, Damion Berger, Harry Callahan, Michael Childers, Gregory Crewdson, Zoe Crosher, Joe Deal, John Divola, Doug Dubois, James Fee, Francine Fleischer, Judith Fox, Adam Fuss, LeRoy Grannis, Jill Greenberg, Tim Hetherington, Nadav Kander, Tomasz Lazar, Jocelyn Lee, Joshua Lutz, Mary Ellen Mark, Richard Misrach, Andrew Moore, Joel Meyerowitz, Asako Narahashi, Martin Parr, Irina Rozovsky, Carrie Schneider, Joel Sternfeld, Juergen Teller, Guy Tillim, Carlo Van de Roer, and Bennett Wine and Nir Nadler.

This exhibition and accompanying programs are sponsored in part by the Emmett J. Doerr Endowment Fund, the Friends of the Haggerty, the Stackner Family Endowment Fund, and the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.

More information here.


The Miami Project Art Fair This week

If in Miami for Basel this week, please stop by the Charles A. Hartman Fine Art Booth.  Charles will be showing several large format prints of mine. Looks like a great lineup of galleries this year.

Mercury Cover Art Charity Auction

A while back, my “Swans are Evil” image was printed on the cover of the Portland Mercury.   Now you can grab a small print online for a good cause here.

Creative Mornings in Portland

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear me spill the beans on my photo/fishing life at the Portland Creative Mornings lecture series two weeks ago. Fun times, good people, beautiful space! They’ve just posted a video of the whole lecture online (yikes!).  You can find it here.

Corey Arnold @ Ziba Auditorium photo by: HUB Collective


Looking at the Land with Andy Adams

Andy Adams (Flak Photo), probably the most meticulous and passionate photo community organizer on the web, has been up to great things lately.  He has curated an online exhibition of new landscape photographs entitled Looking at the Land, 21st Century American Views, a collaboration with the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design that has been featured on TIME Lightbox, PetaPixel, projected at RISD, printed and hung at Fotoweek D.C. and likely getting more attention as we speak. I’m grateful to have been included. There are some gems in this collection, particularly these three.  I’m not quite sure why I’m drawn to missing suburban houses but I could take a guess.

Untitled, photo by Justin James Reed

Untitled #5, photo by Ryan Boatright

Untitled, photo by Rob Hann

Graveyard Point featured in VICE Magazine

Vice Magazine featured a six page spread of my Graveyard Point series in the October issue and just launched a little web gallery of the work online here.

Grizzly on the Naknek River, Photo: Corey Arnold