Sea Wolf Album Cover

I’m really happy to have my photo “Slack Water”, a seascape I shot while crabbing in the Bering Sea on the cover of the new Sea Wolf album Old World Romance that was released this month.  Sea Wolf is an LA based band led by Alex Brown Church and signed by Dangerbird Records.  Nice guys, great music.

Sea Wolf, Old World Romance, photo: Corey Arnold


  1. Geraldine says:

    I just started listening to Sea Wolf – which I love – mainly because I liked the CD cover. Would love to buy a copy of the print if it’s for sale – it’s such a beautiful photograph. Thanx.

  2. Marina Midori says:

    this pic is amazing!! I saw the album cover and got hypnotized by the picture. Then, I started to look for the photo and the photographer. Really beautiful! Congrats!

  3. Mike Walton says:

    That’s so funny, when I saw this cover for the first time on Spotify I thought, “this reminds me of that photographer that takes those awesome fishing photos.”

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