B-Sides Exhibit at Ampersand in Portland

The good folks at Ampersand Vintage, my favorite photography book store in the West, put together a great show this month which includes Alec Soth, Todd Hido, Clayton Cotterell, Raymond Meeks, Tatum Shaw, and Shawn Records, and myself.  We were all asked to show excerpts from new projects or one-offs that don’t exactly fit into our usual routines.   Please come down and have a look, its worth it.

Untitled, Barrow, 20x29 inches, C-Print, by Corey Arnold

B-SIDES (via Ampersand)

July 25 to August 26, 2012

Our August show features work by Corey Arnold, Clayton Cotterell, Todd Hido, Ron Jude, Raymond Meeks, Shawn Records, Tatum Shaw & Alec Soth, photographers that we have always admired, even obsessed over a little. Each of their recent photobook publications & exhibitions have been like vinyl records, constantly on rotation in our minds. Like anything one becomes obsessed with, there is the inclination to seek out more, or, extending the analogy, to experience the B-sides.

Ampersand Gallery and Books
Tuesday to Saturday – 12 to 7
Sunday – 12 to 5

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