The Year in Review part 2: Road trip in Maui

I’ve been working a lot for a wonderful travel magazine based in Montreal, Quebec called En Route.  In November, I flew to Maui with the very talented art director Reanna Evoy.  The story was about a road trip on the dirty backroads to Hana in a red mustang convertible.  I got a bit obsessed with shooting skimboarders and foam rolling in on the beach, but managed to snap a few other photos as well.


Below are some out takes that didn’t get published:


The mustang was embarrassing to drive around in, but practical nonetheless. (note Reanna’s mom in the back seat)


It just occurred to me that these verticals are so huge, you probably won’t fit them on your laptop screen.   I like ’em big so you don’t need to wear your glasses.  That way, I can reach my target audience of 60-90 year olds.


Greyhound running fast.




We watched an 80 year old German man in a speedo wade out into the flat calm sea, when a 6 foot high set of shorebreak suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  I had one of those “Do I shoot or help?” moments.  I chose the latter but the pour guy took quite a beating.  This girl made it out alive.


Here are a few of the tears that made it in print…





  1. vanou says:

    Great pictures!
    I was hoping to get the magazine on one of my flights, but won’t be going up on Air Canada until March…

    Thanks for sharing the ones that didn’t make the cut.
    The first vertical one of the sea is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. simon says:

    wow! looks like one of these perfect jobs :-)

    mustang, model and waves.

    the pictures are nice and professional but not as touching like others of your work.

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