Hanging Shit on Antlers

My really good buddy Greg and his lovely lady friend Jessica came up with a really nice functional organic product/gift idea and I’m not just saying so that he will flow me free antlers. Antler and Co. makes wall mounted antlers with special hardware to stick directly out of your wall and hold a lot of heavy stuff like coats, books, axes, dead baby seals, and whatever else you have laying around the house that might look great hanging from an antler.  They are pretty class looking items, and best of all, the design, packaging, custom stamped and numbered metal bands, cedar chips as packing material, etc make the whole experience of Portlandizing your house with Antlers easy and a pretty cool gift.   I’m about to make a whole wall of these things displaying some of my favorite photography books at home.   Check the website! www.antlerandco.com

Antler and Co.

Antler and Co.

Greg is also an impressive builder, inventor, and photographer.  He’s got some nice photos on flickr from Iceland, and pictures of a new timber frame cabin that I wish I would have helped them build in northern Minnesota this year.

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  1. Dan Cronin says:

    damn, that cabin is awesome! who needs beam/joist hangers when you have a chisel and a hammer to inset them!!

    also, do you know if you can send Antler and Co. your on antlers and they can add the mount for you?

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