Instagram interview features my arctic journey to Svalbard

Instagram posted a recent interview about my Project Pressure sponsored journey to Svalbard in September, where I spent 3 weeks documenting the glacial landscape. You can find the interview here.

Photo by Corey Arnold. Ice Cave in Svalbard for Project Pressure.

Instagram had this to say about my current work with Project Pressure in Svalbard:

When not on the road or in the air, Corey Arnold (@arni_coraldo) spends his days captaining a commercial salmon fishing vessel in Bristol Bay, Alaska. For about five months each year, however, Corey is dispatched to photograph some of the coldest and most remote corners of the globe. When packing for his expeditions, Corey always leaves room for his iPhone and uses Instagram to share a window into his travels. “Instagram has been a great way to post a behind the scenes look at my life on the road.” Recently, Corey spent several weeks in Svalbard, Norway, documenting glaciers for @projectpressure, a non-profit creating an interactive glacier archive to better understand climate change. “Mountains of sheer rock rise straight up from the sea surrounded by endless miles of calving glaciers. Meanwhile reindeer, arctic, foxes and polar bears roam the shores.” Read more about Corey at, and follow his adventures on Instagram: @arni_coraldo.

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