NY Times Lens Blog features Graveyard Point

As far as photography blogs go, the New York Times Lens Blog has always been my first choice for finding inspirational new photography.  I’m honored to have recently been showcased on the blog. The accompanying text written by Jesse Newman is spot on in summing up how we live as salmon fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska… as well as the details of my life photographing and fishing at the same time. Thanks.


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Corey Arnold featured on NY Times Lens Blog / Jan 21, 2013

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  1. Brendan says:

    Thanks to LensBlog, I landed on your site and just looked at every single image… You are immediately one of my favorite new photographers. An exquisite use of color, and a fresh blend of documentary images combined with complex yet sometimes humorous portraits – you’ve just got the whole package. Beautiful, refreshing, engaging, wondrous, and wholly inspirational. Thank you.

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