An afternoon with Vanessa Renwick

Today I hung out with Portlander Vanessa Renwick who is pretty much an amazing human being in too many ways to list. She has a homemade sauna in her backyard in the shape of a giant Raven’s head, for example.  She also creates beautiful art in the form of films and installations and is the woman behind the Oregon Department of Kick Ass. I was shooting a picture of Vanessa and her dogs when suddenly Fox the dog levitated into the air and hovered out through the skylight in the ceiling.  He flew around in the backyard for a bit (my camera ran out of battery just after the start of levitation) then touched down in driveway and came back inside.  Apparently this happens all the time at the Renwick house.  I thought it was a bit strange but enjoyed the show nonetheless.



photos by Corey Arnold


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