Tanker Surfing in Galveston, Texas

About a month ago, I was in Galveston, TX…  shooting some photos of surfers that ride the breaking wakes of Oil Tankers. A wonderful experience in which I’ll go into depth about in an upcoming blog… but just thought I’d post this one picture of Peter in honor of the good times out there. I hope you all are safe and dry.Tanker Surfing in Galveston, Texas


  1. watson says:

    I just discovered your website and really enjoyed your photography. The Fish Work Norway and Humans Animals series are great projects. I dig your style of shooting and the color treatment.

  2. Yannochka says:

    Oh man, too bad I just now read this, some 5 months later. I live near Galveston, (well closer to Houston but….) I could have shown you around and taken you to lunch. Houston has a great Photo Gallery / Museum thing. Maybe next time?

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