New Fish-Work Mission in the EU

I’ve recently been commissioned by the Pew Charitable Trust to photograph the state of commercial fishing in the European Union.  The project will continue over several trips throughout 2010. Keep your eyes peeled for a whole new body of Fish-Work gone global later this year.  I’m on the lookout for contacts in coastal Ireland, Scotland, the Shetlands, Holland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and the Canary Islands so if anyone has connections with the fishing industry in these places, feel free to drop me a line at

First stop (next week): Ireland and Scotland



  1. Joel says:

    This is fantastic news, Corey. I cannot tell you how much I have been looking forward to new photo postings on your site. Post as much as you can, please.

  2. Dan Tucker says:

    Considering the state of the world’s oceans as well as the socioeconomic importance of seafood worldwide, this is a really important project. Commercial fishing is usually represented in the news media by a bunch of numbers and acronyms, but as anyone who has worked on a boat knows, the reality is infinitely more complex. We cannot hope to sustain the world’s fisheries without understanding them. And besides, there’s a lot of great stories etched into the hulls of boats and the faces of fishermen.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your new work.
    Good luck

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