New Fish-Work images from the Bering Sea

I’m excited to release a handful of new images from my latest trip to the Bering Sea in January.  I worked as a replacement crewman for an injured friend aboard the f/v Rollo for an Opilio crab trip and took some pictures a long the way.  Five of these images will be featured in the Portland 2010 – A Biennial of Contemporary Art exhibition which will open on March 20th. The prints will be my largest ever made… up to six feet wide. See the following blog post for directions and more information.

Freedom Bird, 2010 / photo: Corey Arnold

Arctic Hunter, 2010 photo: Corey Arnold

Salt Birds, 2010 photo: Corey Arnold


  1. Jana says:

    Corey- have you ever heard of FotoFest in Houston Texas? It’s also a biennial ( happening right now actually, next in 2012) Largest of its kind, I’ve been told.

    You should really get into the next one. I know people down here would love to see your work.

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