Surf Dutch Harbor

On rare occasions, a surfable wave appears at the spit in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  These pics were taken on Jan 18, 2010 actually during twilight hours.  But you’ve got to wear a seagull destruction helmet to survive the “beakings“.  The wave breaks at the base of the Icicle Seafoods fish guts and bits discharge pipe so watch out for 10,000 hungry birds, 300 pound halibut and boat sized sleeper sharks nipping at your toes.




photos: Corey Arnold


  1. sam valenti says:

    Zack I had my surf dutch videos transfered to CD. You can use them if you want. let me know soon. I’m leaving to go fishing on tuesday. sam

  2. kai says:

    hey corey…
    kai here… i think id take my chances…
    looks fun, chilly but fun….. super photos corey!!!!!!!!

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