Summertime Salmon


I spent June and July this summer commercial fishing for salmon in Bristol Bay and following up with pictures on last years Outside magazine story about the proposed Pebble mine.  It’s been very busy over here with magazine assignments, my salmon business and upcoming group exhibitions so I’ve only just begun to sort through the summers huge arsenal of new pictures!  As soon as I’m home for a solid week or two, I’ll be adding a ton of new images to the site. Hopefully, I’m not crying wolf again this time.


  1. Joel says:

    Looking forward to your work, Corey. I’ve been wanting more pictures of what’s there and what could happen to it all.

  2. Patrick Weber says:

    Hopefully not! I’m desperate for pictures. This is Pat off of Harlan’s boat. I’m in Portland, but I misplaced your number. Call me at 206 9five4 746five if your in town.

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