Call For Entries: People Holding Fish


So I’ve started a group on flickr to track down the world’s most interesting pictures of people holding fish.  It’s a momentous moment in a person’s life… holding up that lovely bloody creature that you’ve slaughtered with your bare hands.  A trophy and a memory that you will never forget.  A moment of triumph captured forever in a photograph.  Please join the group and submit some pictures.  Snapshots, old photos from your family album, etc. It’s open to all.

In about a years time I will be compiling all the best images and including them in a yet to be announced project.  On the last page of the set you can find some childhood picks of me and my father back in the day, Southern Cal.  The one above is circa 1984 in Oceanside, California holding the smallest mako shark I’ve ever seen.

cobia 45 kg

20060716 showing off the shark (3)


  1. DJ Harmon says:

    Hi there

    I truly like your work, am super into it and have been watching it for a while now. Keep it up. Really good stuff. Do you have any west coast shows upcoming?

  2. rach says:

    I can’t believe it – my dream mash-up between one of my favorite photographers and one of my favorite summers. Hope the photo I uploaded qualifies: my scanner sucks but the fish is pretty photogenic.

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