1. Dan Tucker says:

    That dog looks particularly wistful, or maybe he’s expecting a treat from someone. That church looks like a strange marriage of gothic minimalism, where exactly was that one? the sensation of startling honesty comes across in a lot of your pictures, and who doesn’t like ass in the snow?
    my trip to Togo and the UK went well, haven’t uploaded the sketches yet though, busy getting ready for the chum runs in Prince William Sound.
    lotta halibut this spring, lemme know if you ever end up in Homer.

  2. Heinz Schmidt says:

    I absolutely love your work Corey, I visited Moscow in 2004 and the difference in culture was such an eye opener and I absolutely loved it.

    I would love to visit Norway for photography, do you give workshops?

    Keep up the great work.
    Regards Heinz Schmidt

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