The Year in Review part 1: Columbia Sportswear

2008 was a fun year… I was sent to incredible places for mag and ad assignments all year long.  In the summer, I shot the “Pioneers of Columbia’s Greater Outdoors” Campaign for Columbia Sportswear.  As I shot the still campaign, It was a honor to watch Stacy Peralta (Dogtown and Z-Boys, Riding Giants, Powell Peralta Skateboards) shoot the documentary spots for television during the same trips.  Stacy is nice guy and a brilliant director.  I used to ride his skateboards religiously when I was 11 years old.


Really good times out there in Galveston, Texas photographing the pioneers of tanker surfing (James Fullbright, Peter Davis, and John Benson) where we were nearly struck down by a massive lightning storm.


On Mount Hood in August, I shot the pioneers of Tundra Golfing, Jim Berg and Paul White Gorski.  It was 80 degrees and we picture took atop a glacial canyon that began to rumble and crack…  a bit sketchy but snow in August is hard to come by in this hemisphere.


Then we flew to Juneau, Alaska and rose by helicopter to a dog sledding camp on the Mendenhall glacier.  We camped in huts on the ice and shot Rachel Scdoris, a hardcore musher that competes in the Iditarod and happens to be legally blind.


Oh, and last but not least we shot Dan Heaton in the Snoqualmie area, who is a great innovator in the sport of off Road Unicycling.  The trips were so amazing that each one deserves a proper blog entry with photographs…  but this is a start.  Thanks to Butler, Stern, Shine and Partners who were a first rate agency to work with.

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  1. Aaron Brethorst says:

    three things:
    1. This is totally friggin’ awesome!!!
    2. It’s actually spelled Snoqualmie, but Snowqualmie would be eminently appropriate given the annual snowfall there.
    3. Your dad’s eagle photos are incredible.

    cheers from your fan a couple hours north of you,

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