August update and recap from March trip to Switzerland.

It’s been so long since I’ve regularly kept up with this blog… that it’s hard to begin again. A lot has happened since the new year and I’ve probably got about 10 posts worth of recapping to do before I get to current events… So, let’s just make this easy and I’ll just post out of order for the next year or so. Maybe I’ll suddenly remember in October something that happened in Feb, and I’ll post a picture with words… and you’ll wonder why there is snow in the background… etc. but you’ll never email me about it because it’s probably of no urgency to anyone to bring that to anyones attention… yeah.

Well since I’m a photographer, it just occurred to me that I should insert photos in my posts or no one would ever care to read the blog because there’s nothing to gain from reading yet another diary from someone you don’t know.

Ok, Let’s start with Switzerland. I went to Switzerland in March for a week. It was fully funded by a wonderful travel magazine which of whom I will mention when the story is actually published.

people wear rediculous outfits in switzerland

People in Switzerland as it turns out, are usually German tourists. (see above)

leopard woman

I met really interesting people and ate a lot of hot cheese, snowboarded everyday, the was force fed very expensive wine by the hosts. People in Arosa, Switzerland are not afraid to rock real big cat fur coats.


I got to hang out with the above man, we dined and laughed, skied together and pretended to understand each other.


He was quite agile.

mustache skier

I don’t normally sneak photos of people in public… and this is no exception. I gave him the old “can I take your picture wink” and he gave me a head nod that I think meant “yes, I’d actually prefer it”.

people helping people

Switzerland is about teamwork


I tried my hand a bit of action sports photography.  This ain’t half bad I suppose.


This is where the blog starts to get all stock photo-y.  Someone in this building was recieving a massage at the exact moment the photograph was taken.

The swiss girl in the airport train

Has anyone that’s flown to Zurich seen this girl in the terminal train of the airport? I fell in love instantly and thought about her my whole trip. She winked at me on a hundred TV screens, then blew me a kiss. If anyone out there knows her personally, please be in touch.

That’s it for my Switzerland post… next up, Hawaii in April!


  1. Oscar says:

    Hi there, just to let you know that you’re like one of my favorite photographers…
    I liked the one of the man skiing!
    Well, good job there!

  2. Bock says:

    I think I have seen that girl. She uaually hangs out in my pantry between the months of November and March… I’m sorry it was just too easy! But seriously I really like your photos and your blog.

  3. Alex says:

    Been lurking around your website in its various forms for years so it’s always a pleasure to see some new photos. The skiing beardy is amazing – so clean and fun. Post more, please!
    The girl is cute, I concur. It’s the eyebrows I think – “homely”.

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