Greetings from Lofoten.


Greetings from Lofoten. This is the worlds most beautiful place… without a doubt. Cod action is hot out at Røst these days. The cod are slow to move into the fjords of Lofoten this year. I’ve been at sea twice with nice folk in Ure and Ballstad. Fishermen here are very welcoming… Meanwhile I met up with Norway’s largest trawler (see below) for a job for Aker Seafoods. If you are a San Franciscan, check out the Beholder Art show at 111 Minna street gallery which is in late April I think. I’m not sure about the dates at the moment because I won’t be there! The Beholder is an online gallery that represents some of my work. Real nice people there. I am also now the official field photographer for The Fishermen’s News which is a commercial fishing magazine based out of Seattle. I even have my own business card… Also check out the Discovery website for some interesting new manipulations of my photographs on the Deadliest Catch section. The new coreyfishes website is delayed until April sometime. Have a nice day.

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